Coach & Ref started when longtime studio partners Bleu and Daple had the brilliantly obvious idea to collaborate on more than just a space.  They invited over their favorite artist/songwriters to experiment with recording techniques and equipment (especially vintage synths), and try to figure out a way to combine the professional producer/songwriter side of their lives with their love of artier micro-genres.  What grew out of those late night experiments is a potent fusion of indie-pop and retro-futurism.  Nostalgic soundscapes and lo-fi tones seamlessly dovetail overt melodicism and bangin' beats, but there's a mischievous grin that shines through it all.  You can tell everyone involved was having way too much fun simply making stuff they like, and somehow taking it seriously at the same time.  There are clearly two sides to Coach & Ref's "game", but it's as if the opening coin-toss came down in slo-mo and fell right on it's edge... and the crowd goes wild.